The Great Assange Myth

In The Assange Agenda: Surveillance, Democracy and You we interview leading experts on the issues of privacy, surveillance, the law–and Julian Assange.

Julian Burnside AO QC is an Australian Barrister and an advocate for human rights and fair treatment of refugees. Mr Burnside acted for the Ok Tedi natives against BHP, for Alan Bond in fraud trials, for Rose Porteous in numerous actions against Gina Rinehart, and for the Maritime Union of Australia in the 1998 waterfront dispute against Patrick Stevedores. He is also Julian Assange’s Australian lawyer and has been liaising on behalf of his client with the Australian government to seek protection and consular assistance for Assange as an Australian citizen.

In our film, , Julian Burnside says:

“One of the great myths about Assange is that people think he’s been charged with something. He hasn’t. He hasn’t been charged with anything. They want to ask him some questions about things that might or might not lead to charges. It looks fairly likely that if ever Assange gets into Swedish custody he will swiftly be transported to America, where the Americans will do the sort of things they’ve been threatening to do to him.

“Never in the course of history has so much time, effort and money been spent trying to extradite a person suspected of having sex with a torn condom”.

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