Michael Weatherhead


Michael Weatherhead is an entrepreneur and filmmaker. His film Return To Gaza was nominated for 6 awards and won two. His films include The Guru Experience and now The Assange Agenda. He also the founded the documentary website ScreenZone.tv.


Lucy Anna Rhoades (PhD) is a journalist, writer, filmmaker, counselor and corporate trainer with experience in film TV and print media including the BBC, 123 Productions, ScreenZone.tv, HotSpots.co and the magazines Code and Mizz.

lucy Rhoades
Mike New


Mike New is a film producer, web and transmedia producer, IT project manager, business consultant, tantric practitioner. Mike has worked in Australia and spent eight years working in Asian countries from India to Japan.

Assistant Director

Lynsey Allett has been working as a freelance camera woman, video editor and multi-media educator for the last twelve years in the UK, mainland Europe and Australia. During this time, she has specialized in independent documentary making.

Lynsey Allett


Rak Razam is a writer, journalist and documentary maker. Rak is a founder of Undergrowth (www.undergrowth.org), a leading alternative arts and literature magazine and he is author of the critically acclaimed book Aya: A Shamanic Odyssey

Web Producers

  • Mike New
  • Dean Power


  • Lynsey Allett
  • Brendan Shoebridge
  • James Armstrong


  • Brendan Shoebridge
  • Lynsey Allett

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  • Steve Nossiter

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  • Steve Nossiter

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  • Slow Pete and Dave Rogers
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