The Assange Agenda documentary
Surveillance, Transparency … and YOU


One Planet Films is seeking your help to promote a crowd funding campaign to finish making The Assange Agenda before the Australian Federal election on 7 September 2013.

Julian Assange is running for senate in Australia with a powerful message. He is proposing that the technologies of the information age are creating a crisis of democracy and serious threats to civil rights and civil liberties. What should we expect from him?

We’re really up against it. We are half way there but with the Australian election announced for 7 September, we have a short timeframe to finish. We need to conduct some more interviews, which require time and travel. We have a film crew, writer and editor working in parallel at breakneck speed to make the best possible film in the tightest timeframe.

To finish the documentary we need your help in pledging to the crowd funding and putting the word out to all supporters of independent media. 
Go to to support us.